sound installation
George Rahi [CA]

‘Frequencies’ is a sound installation that contemplates utopian soundscape design strategies and methods of ‘re-tuning’ the world. In reference to the historical role that bells played as an organizing principle and spatial-political tool within urban environments, the installation re-imagines the role of the bells as a means towards conjuring new relationships between emplaced sounds and a listening public. Comprised of individually suspended bell-like metallophones which autonomously ring, the distributed nature of the installation is designed to map onto an existing environment, folding along its contours and exploring its spatial qualities as sculptural elements that frame the relationship between listening and one’s surroundings. Through this strategy of ambient diffusion, listening is provoked both outwards and inwards as one moves throughout the space, finding subtle relationships held and revealed within the sonic geography of each site.

photo © George Rahi

George Rahi is a composer and sound artist based in Vancouver. He uses self-created and altered instruments as a method of exploring new relationships between sound, space, technology, and listening. Drawn to the tactile and sculptural realms of sound, his work includes large-scale installations throughout buildings, compositions for pipe organs, and works for radio, theatre, and public spaces. He holds an MFA degree from Simon Fraser University.

Project Details

  • Casale

  • via madonna delle virtù


  • 1 - 29 Sett. 2019

  • dal mercoledi (Wed) alla domenica (Sun) | h 10-13 / 16-19

  • ingresso col passaporto Matera 2019 / included in the Matera 2019 passport