sound installation
/// I NEED LITTLE TO SURVIVE (world premiere)
artistic residency program

Silvia Rosani [IT]

Within an anti-capitalist aesthetic approach, this installation is born to resonate with and celebrate the environment surrounding Matera. Visitors can listen to the sound of ancient local seeds, which bounce on a vibrating metal panel. These seeds give birth to plants that grow with little or no water, but are gradually disappearing because of powerful agricultural corporations. Feedback induces vibration on metal panels and the sounds they produce vary from simple sinusoids to harsh and noisy multiphonics. Similarly, the land around Matera is naturally generous, but at risk of desertification. The visitors can sit underneath or near the panels or group of panels, listen to their voices and perceive their vibrations by touching their surfaces. The technology used is reduced to the minimum. Only two speakers are used, but exclusively to amplify the nuances of the signals picked up by the contact microphones and reveal the inner world of rough materials.

photo © Chris Kister


Silvia Rosani studied composition in Udine, at Mozarteum Universität in Salzburg, and completed a PhD at Goldsmiths, University of London, where she works as Associate Lecturer. Her music is performed internationally by ensemble such as Neue Vocalsolisten and soloists such as pianist Anna D’Errico. Silvia was recently in residence at the centre for Human-Computer Interaction in Salzburg and, in November, will perform with her metal panels at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.

Project Details

  • Palazzotto del Casale

  • via Madonna delle Virtù

  • Fondazione MT2019 / Matera

  • 1 - 15 settembre 2019

  • h 10 - 13 / h 16 - 19

  • FREE