sound installation
Claudio Porru [IT]
Supported by Conservatorio di Musica Luigi Canepa di Sassari

Istruitevi, Agitatevi, Organizzatevi is an interactive installation born from my curiosity in exploring the nature of sounds, which led to the desire to unite and valorize, through electronic procedures, the sound of a text, read and typed, to point out its musicality from different points of view. The selected text is the article "Un ladro ammazzato" by Antonio Gramsci that, although written 100 years ago, it's surprisingly current. Also, the article is part of a socialist culture magazine, founded by Gramsci in 1919 which, on May 1st 2019, celebrated 100 years from its publication. To enhance the musicality of the written word, I chose a typewriter, instrument with which the article was first typed.

photo © Claudio Porru

Claudio Porru (1992) is currently a student of electronic music at the Conservatory Luigi Canepa of Sassari in the class of Walter Cianciusi and Riccardo Sarti. During his studies he took part in several mastercalsses with internationaly renowed artists such as: J.C. Risset, Michelangelo Lupone, Curtis Roads, Alexander Vert and Festival such as: MusicaNova, I mercoledì del conservatorio. He is also active as a composer and performer. From 2018 is part of the duo Cèol (percussion and electronics) a duo that works not only on pieces from the repertoire but also on new compositions and sound art.


Project Details

  • Casale

  • via madonna delle virtù


  • 1 - 29 Sett. 2019

  • dal mercoledi (Wed) alla domenica (Sun) | h 10-13 / 16-19

  • ingresso col passaporto Matera 2019 / included in the Matera 2019 passport