sound installation
/// POLEMOS (world premiere)
artistic residency program

Vincenzo Procino [IT] + Francesco Rizzo [IT]

"POLEMOS" is a site-specific sound installation created to sonorize the “bottino" of Irsinia. It is aimed at recreating a ritual journey through a double sound path that leads to the discovery of the physical place and the music hidden in it. The work is based on the concepts of cyclicity, dualism and illusion. The alternation of inverse and complementary cycles in the structural development of the installation and in the opposition of different sonorities identify a dualism that refers to terrestrial cycles (eg solar and lunar). The illusion is given in itself by the peculiarity of the acousmatic sound which, since it cannot be traced back to any direct source, makes the most varied personal cognitive interpretations possible. In the Heraclitean philosophy, in fact, the concept of pòlemos was understood as the illusory war of opposites that, in opposition, reconstruct the universal uniqueness of the law of Nature.

photo © LOXOSconcept

Project Details

  • Bottini

  • Irsina (MT)

  • 24 + 25 Agosto 2019

  • 24 -> h 18 opening / 25 -> h 10-13 + 16-19

  • FREE