live performance
/// RESONANCE | 15 ‘///
Ban Lei [CN]


supported by Pro Helevita & EoFA

'Resonance' is a performance that uses gestures to interact with synthesizer in a video game. Through the movement of fingers and arms, gesture capture camera is used to realize the interaction with video game. Each different gesture will trigger and change different synthesizers in the game, creating a resonance experience between the human and the virtual world. The work was inspired by the habits changed during the residency in Geneva. I felt that more physical activity can generate more energy and more satisfaction. Therefore, I used a richer body movements to talk to the virtual world, trying to explore a closer balance between the real and the digital.

photo © Ban Lei

“My name is Ban Lei, I’m a sound artist from Shanghai, China. I try to find a way to bring technology back to human. In 2018, I designed my sound instrument, it named “Resonance”. I started to use gesture and body movement to make sound, and this is my method to talk with technology. I live in a city where technology is rapidly developing. This kind of development made life convenient. People only need to move their fingers and eyes to do most of things, like ordering food, buying anything in the world, getting information, expressing feelings and so on. But convenient is not simple and happy. I even think that I am just a controller rather than a complete human. Anything becomes accustomed. That makes me tired and useless. I believe there is something missing between human and technology. My work is explored in this context. To find a balance between human and technology. The relationship between human and technology can get more action and reaction like nature and human”

Project Details

  • Casale

  • via madonna delle virtù


  • 1 Sett. 2019

  • h 19:00

  • ingresso gratuito / free entry