Ryoichi Kurokawa [JP]

Concept, direction, composition, programming : Ryoichi Kurokawa
Producer: Nicolas Wierinck
Co-production: LOXOSconcept / Matera 2019, MUTEK, Scopitone/Stereolux, TodaysArt Produced by Studio RYOICHI KUROKAWA
performance supported by EU Japan Fest

'Subassemblies' is an audiovisual concert that pursues the relationship between nature and the human-made through a perspective of architectural scale. The piece is based on 3D data and filmed footage of human-made architecture, ruins and nature. Distorting and reconstructing the data into different subassemblies, artist Kurokawa created a renewed timeline with layers of order and disorder, exposing the force of both nature and art. Ruins, nature-invaded buildings, and architectures in disrepair are superimposed and rebuilt dynamically. The resulting unusualities, rendered in multi-layered depth, extend the perception of floating not only between nature and the human-made, but also between abstract and concrete phenomena. The motions in the work cancel physical law and form a hybrid of natural and artificial components, transposing entropy and negentropy to enhance those unusualities.

© Ryoichi Kurokawa

Project Details

  • P.zza S. Francesco


  • 27 Sett. 2019

  • h 21

  • free