sound installation
Giulia Lorusso [IT] + Jessica Rimondi [IT]

Zwischenkosmos is a sound installation realized in collaboration with the composer Giulia Lorusso. It is an inner space to live, where natural and artificial meet, just within and thanks to the viewer skull. The sound has been designed to function exactly as a diapason, thanks to the bone conduction system technology. It is audible just through the skull and meet its harmony in the middle of it. The object of the funnel leads us into this intimate space where nature and urban, personal and universal, functionality and perception between the elements are playfully questioning around the Anthropocene era.

photo © Jessica Rimondi

Lorusso Rimondi,is a collaborative duo between a composer and a visual artist, born with the aim to develop a new language where composition and visual engagement meet developing a mutual relationship. The Visual-Compositions find their solution in installations or performative pieces, with the peculiar proposition to create a tangible sound-space, a microcosm where the human and artificial textures meet. Visual-Sound,touch-hear,matter-time,experience of the Anthropogenic within natural patterns.


Project Details

  • Casale

  • via madonna delle virtù


  • 1 - 29 Sett. 2019

  • dal mercoledi (Wed) alla domenica (Sun) | h 10-13 / 16-19

  • ingresso col passaporto Matera 2019 / included in the Matera 2019 passport